If it was a simple answer, chances are you’d not be looking this up. But the good news is you’re in luck. It’s not that complicated, but answering these few questions will help you determine what your ideal posting schedule is for Instagram.

– How much time do you have for it?

If you’re crunched for time, there are plenty of apps that will post to Instagram on your behalf – so switching up the frequency shouldn’t be so hard! However – some warn of these apps being a questionable approach that could lower reach or even get your account shut down. As such, we only recommend using 3rd party apps to plan content, then either posting manually or setting up posts for autopublish with the Facebook Business Suite Scheduling Tools!

– Do you plan to post all organic content or stock images as well?

If posting both, it might be best to set aside one day per week (or every other week) where you’ll post stock images. You’ll have time to create the images and find the right source for them – so it’s a win-win!

– Do you need to schedule?

Again, this is a question of priority. It’s much easier to post twice a week if you need to, as opposed to posting every day if you don’t. Scheduling makes sure that all your content is taken care of, but leave a bit of open time for error and unexpected issues.

– Do you have a blog or website?

If so, it might be worth creating an archive page – featuring the various entries from the past few months – which you can easily post from your site instead of from Instagram directly. Some of our clients have it set up where each Instagram post is also a repurposed blog post! That could be an option to stretch your content and help more people in various areas of your reach.

– How many followers do you have?

The more you have, the more active your posting needs to be. If you’re down for daily posts (and you’re sure about it), an interesting strategy is to post the same content on half of your Instagram accounts and post a different version of it on the other half. This way, you’ll reach double the audience and pick up some following back. You could get away with a slower paced posting schedule if your main revenue is not from social, but the more you post, the more you grow, so if that’s your intention give it some attention!

We hope this helps! For more specific details (or questions) about posting schedules and strategies, start a conversation with us! Happy posting!

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