The answer is not that simple, it really depends on YOU. There are many ways to make a website, but the most common are either DIYing it using a site builder service or using a professional agency. Either one can work, but depending on your long term goals, it may be a wiser choice to start off the professional route so you know you are ready to handle any growth and expansion. However, a simple portfolio or services page can be just as effective on a popular DIY builder platform using a shared hosting package. If your needs are simple and straightforward then DIY might be the way to go. If your needs are complex or if you lack an artistic or technical flair then you may need a professional website design company.


You should hire a web designer if:

– You don’t have time to learn the complexities of website design.
– You’re not clear on the purpose of your site, or what you want it to do.
– Your current website is taking up more time than it’s worth.
– You lack an artistic or technical flair.
– You’re not sure how to build your site for search engine optimization (SEO).
– You need access to better tools for high quality graphics and images.


You should DIY if:

– Your needs are simple and straightforward (navigational, informational).
– You have a low budget and/or more time to invest than money.
– You want to save money by not having a design agency make your site.


Stuck in the middle?

When would the choice to hire a web designer make sense? In general, when you’d rather spend the money than the time. When you need to know that your website can take care of business like managing all content and providing an exceptional user experience in all ways. If the purpose of your site is anything but informational (such as e-commerce) then you should hire a web design company instead of attempting it yourself. If you already started and need help finishing it up or revamping a current site, most web designers have options to redesign what you have made, depending on what it’s current state is. Another reason to consider an agency is that some of them also offer maintenance packages that include social media integration and management. Knowing how often to post to social media or even what to post for your business can be a challenge, but most designers in this space are fluent in that as well. If they can’t offer it directly, they can likely redirect you to someone who can!


A web designer has the ability to easily:

– Create an attractive, functional site quickly and efficiently.
– Help translate your overall ideas and vision into something tangible.
– Provide top-quality layouts, content structure, and graphics.
– Create a space to integrate dynamic online marketing tools that work with your site.

What do you think? Should YOU hire a web designer? If the answer is no, then we recommend checking out the amazing tutorials on Youtube for learning how to DIY it. The first thing you may want to consider is which platform to use. Here’s a blog post that breaks down the key differences between 2 of the most popular website options for bloggers (and businesses) along with other key considerations. If the answer is maybe, or yes, we’d love to chat about how we can meet your web design needs. Feel free to get an instant estimate, explore our financing options, or just reach out and set up a free, no-obligation, no-pressure call with one of our account managers. Drop us a line here, we’ll get back to you ASAP!