Have you thought about SEO optimized niche content? It is the elephant in the room of blog writing, especially for newer or smaller blogs! Anyone can start writing and end up with a blog post that is good, or even great. However, writing a quality post that includes SEO optimized niche content takes a little more effort and strategy. Luckily, researching keywords for your blog or website is actually easier than you may think! Get started on the entire process for writing SEO optimized niche content by following this guide. Read on to see the basic questions you can ask yourself, followed by the steps that you can start on creating SEO optimized niche content today!


ASK – What does your site share with the world?

This is an important question to ask – what value are you providing to your readers? Is your primary goal related to bringing value and knowledge to a specific community? If so, your SEO optimized niche content should answer the questions that your readers are asking. A great way to find those questions would be by looking at forums where your readers hang out first! Next, try learning their pain points and doing the necessary research to find the answers and compile them into a digestible blog post that will easily answer the questions. There are so many people in each and every niche who are looking to answer similar questions for similar people, in similar ways. Make sure that your approach to providing information on your site is unique to your brand and voice.

ASK – Where are you finding your information?

The internet is full of information – and if you’ve ever tried looking for something – you know that there is a range of quality out there! It is vital to ensure that your audience can trust your site to provide answers to their questions in the niche you serve. Using the highest quality, most renowned sites within your niche to gather and curate information from is paramount. Cross-checking your information to ensure the validity of it will also serve you (and ultimately, your audience!) very well. Following all of the best practices with Google when creating SEO optimized niche content is always advised. The support documents, videos, posts and forums available within Google’s community are well worth the endless time you could spend on them!


ASK – Why would someone read your content on the topic?

It is not the beginning of blogging anymore – there are more people writing (and reading!) in every niche online than ever before! With so many people and businesses online, the topics you are looking to share about likely already have experts talking about them. You probably can’t beat them, but you definitely can join them! What can you add to the conversation with your SEO optimized niche content? What unique expertise and perspective do you have for readers? Find a sub-niche and less saturated topic base to work with! This is a great way to break into a thriving online space as a newcomer. 


FIND – Where the struggles are in your audience’s process.

 Perhaps the hardest part of figuring out how to write SEO optimized niche content for your audience is determining what they would want to read about! So many of the common questions and pain points are already addressed by the largest and most authoritative online sources, but that can actually help you, the smaller blogger! Using the information already available, find the holes in the process, the unanswered niche problems that are uncovered when a more broad topic is being covered in a blog post. Read through the comments on social media posts, blog posts, and forums to see the questions that arise from readers on major posts! 


FIND – The answers to their questions and solutions to their problems – forever.

After finding some unanswered questions to work on for your posts, it is important to ensure that your information sources are reputable. Do your research on reputable sites before offering solutions, to make sure your post is authoritative and helpful. Furthermore,  keeping the solutions evergreen as often as possible can help immensely. In many niches, there are always changes and advice, best practices and other vital information can change. Keeping a running list of blog posts that may need updating is important to remain an authority on the topic. While it is possible to have a large amount of evergreen posts up, there are inevitably times that updating a post for more current information makes sense. Don’t abandon your old posts! Be sure to update them when it makes sense to, then recirculate that information to your audience. 


FIND – An engaging way to provide high-quality information.

Is your SEO optimized niche content content helpful, useful, updated and/or evergreen? Great! Now – find out how to make it fun for your audience. How are you going to keep them engaged and coming back to you? Offering a beautiful interface and clean easy to use site is not always enough. Many times, readers will be happy with being a one time reader by chance… We all want return readers, am I right?  

Unless you provide readers a reason to stay on longer or come back later, you likely won’t retain – or regain – their attention. Do you invite them to join your community somehow without it being spammy or overwhelming? Are you open to allowing sharing and receiving feedback in the form of a contact form, comments, share buttons and otherwise? Setting up these avenues can be simple and make a huge difference, as can inviting these actions! Can I get a “Like, Share & Subscribe” anyone?



Now that you’ve been introduced to starting on SEO optimized niche content, make sure you check out these marketing strategies! Lastly, offering incentives to join your email list, a freebie guide, or even just related posts that may interest them can all help them remember you for future reading. Make sure you connect with us on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter, and let us know what we should cover next!




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